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Tyranny Threat Summary Reports

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Threat Minimum response
Green Existing unconstitutional laws/EOs manageable. As close to tyranny free as we may ever be. (Only zero democrat power = tyranny free!) Monitor this site periodically. Continue scrutiny of existing laws/EOs.
Yellow Post-JAN2020, new unconstitutional legislation/EOs being considered, talked about. "Emergency" powers being abused. Become activist on social media. Initiate phone calls, emails to legislators/elected officials. Contact constitutional lawyers. Plan protests & Meet-ups!
Orange Unconstitutional legislation/EOs being drafted, going through committees. Swift response! Rally The People! Continuous protesting! Proclaim disobedience! Accelerate group activity.
Red Unconstitutional legislation/EOs have been signed. Many freedoms and liberties are now a crime. Law enforcement (police) transitions to AGENTS to serve and protect the tyrant! ALL hands on deck! Relentless protest 7 days a week! Practice complete disobedience! Represent 2A (cautionary).
Threat Defense
WARNING Democrat terror groups committing acts of violence, murder. Threatens more will come. Destroying property. Travel in groups. Be alert, aware of your surroundings. Be prepared to defend yourself.
*Each state will have their own recommended responses.