About us

The US Tyranny Watch project is a comprehensive initiative designed to thwart tyranny at conception by establishing a national network whereby all Americans can monitor the status of all legislative activities in their state, communicate and coordinate plans of action, and execute those plans swiftly and decisively.

The network consists of a public website (you're on it now), that everyone in America can monitor at anytime to see the current tyranny threat condition in their state as well as all other states. Next, we have established a network of "State Groups" on a couple social media platforms (MeWe & Gab (coming soon)), that you can (join) and follow as well. These groups are in a controlled environment with group leaders and administrators.

Visit Michigan's Threat Summary & Response to see one of the key deliverables we provide.

US Tyranny Watch project is vet owned and operated. Made by The People for The People. All work is voluntary. This website and the entire US Tyranny Watch project is free to use. We do accept donation to help cover overhead costs such as: Utilities, ISP, host provider, dedicated server, and website development. Every little bit helps, so please consider a small donation. We thank you!