Thursday, Aug 27

Ohio Republicans draft articles of impeachment against GOP governor over COVID-19 orders (Ohio)

Wednesday, Aug 26

College student, 21, and her stepfather, 45, are shot dead in road rage attack over fender bender while he was arriving to drop off keys to the new home she'd just bought (South Carolina)
Updated CDC guidelines now say people exposed to coronavirus may not need to be tested (General)
Armed Citizens Take to the Streets to Stop Rioters from Destroying Businesses During Kenosha Riots (Wisconsin)
Jacob Blake’s Mom Blasts Rioters For Destroying Kenosha, Apologizes To Trump (Wisconsin)

Tuesday, Aug 25

“This Dude is Shooting at Us!” – BLM Run For Their Lives After Milwaukee Homeowner Fires Warning Shots at Protesters *Update* BLM Militant Shot and Bleeding (VIDEO) (Wisconsin)
Speaker Nancy Pelosi Declares War on Half the Country, Says Republicans are "Domestic Enemies," "Enemies of the State" (General)
Hillary Clinton Reveals Democrats Game Plan, Says Biden Should Never Concede the Election And Fight In Court (General)
Exclusive: Eyewitness Says as Many as 20,000 Unverified Absentee Ballots Counted in Detroit Primary (Michigan)

Monday, Aug 24

Widespread Looting Breaks Out In Kenosha As Black Lives Matter Riots Devastate City (Wisconsin)
W.H.O. Issues Directive for Child Masks, Says Coronavirus Pandemic Could Last 2 Years (General)
Jeff Flake joins over two-dozen former GOP members of Congress to launch ‘Republicans for Biden’ (General)

Sunday, Aug 23

HUGE! Noted Yale Epidemiologist: Dr. Fauci and FDA Have Caused the ‘Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of Americans’ that Could Have been Saved by HCQ (VIDEO) (General)
Expert Warns That States Could Levy Fines, Enforce Jail Time for Anyone That Refuses to Get a COVID Vaccine (General)

Saturday, Aug 22

WATCH: Portland Black Lives Matter Whine About Police Not Saving Them As They Get Walloped By Patriots (Oregon)
U.S. Attorney John Durham Interviews Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan as Part of Russiagate Probe (General)
SHOCK VIDEO: “Mom! Call 911!” – Biden Supporters Attack 7-Year-Old Boy Outside DNC Convention For Wearing Red MAGA Hat (General)
Michigan fines businesses for not following coronavirus safety rules (Michigan)

Thursday, Aug 20

WOW: HUGE Pro-Trump crowd MARCHES on location of Biden #DNC2020 speech, chant ‘Back the Blue!’ ‘Sleepy Joe Must Go!’ (General)
School District Making Parents Sign Waiver Agreeing Not To Monitor Virtual Instruction (Tennessee)