Unmask America

Unmask America!
Together we can end the insanity!


Our first step in retaking America is to stop wearing masks! Form groups of 10 or more family and friends and go to malls, national corporations: Department stores, big box stores, and food stores. We far out number the brainwashed and it's time, FINALLY TIME, we demonstrate it! We must prove to ourselves that we can accomplish something in the form of civil disobedience, this simple, before we can even think about the next steps.


Even though local small businesses like bars, restaurants, and fitness centers serve as proxies too, they should not be included in the Unmask America campaign. Local small businesses are a primary target for tyrants because these owners are more likely to disobey tyranny and not serve as proxy. They are easier to shut down and cannot afford legal battles.

We must focus on corporations, national chains. It's where we'll have the greatest visibility. A Walmart will not be shut down if patrons don't wear masks.

There are no leaders or coordinators for this event. It's up to each of us - YOU!